Not on Instagram.

I'm a designer and cyclist based in Salzburg, Austria. Whether on or off the bike, I'm always trying to capture the beauty of cycling and the moments that keep me pedaling year in and year out.

Over the years, I have gradually stopped pursuing the next big shot to share on Instagram after each ride. Things have changed. Unlike many, I'm not chasing KOMs on Strava or likes on social media (anymore). I'm not racing or following any exercise regimen. Instead, I have started to spend more quality time on the bike and consciously enjoy it — as cheesy as it may sound.

This visual journal is a selection of cycling moments that I cherish and that will hopefully inspire others to get out there and ride their bikes.

Philipp Doms enjoying a cup of ice cream in Innsbruck, Austria.
Protected by science on all rides. Always wearing my everyday dance kit for minimal aesthetics. Occasionally stopping for ice cream.